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The States Of The Mind

There are different states that make a country. In other words, a country comprises of several states. Similarly, there are various states that constitute the mind. The nature of the mind is dependent on its states it recognizes.

'The quality of our thoughts affects the quality of our action'. Without a doubt, this is very factual. We become what we think. Of course, the most outstanding quality of the mind is Meditating Intensively, Never Declining. By implication, the quality of our thoughts is manifested in this mind quality and translated as actions. Also important, the quality of thoughts is made possible courtesy of the states of the mind.

As case study, we are considering the United States of America. The US has 52 states (Washington DC inclusive), mainly the northern and southern protectorates. In the same vein, there are different 'states' that make the country called the mind. Just as many states are created in many countries, many states are also created in the mind. Travels from one state of a country to another state of the same country are made possible through the means of convenient system of transportation to surmount constraints or difficult-by-nature boundaries. This is akin to the transition of one state of the mind to the other through the boundary known as decision.

Analogous to the previously asserted northern and southern protectorates of the US, we have mainly the 'upper' (positive, greater) and 'lower' (negative, lesser) dimensions of the mind. In the 'upper' and 'lower' dimensions, there are several states but for convenience, we are considering (each) nine states. Nonetheless, more states can be 'created', added. For the 'upper' dimension, we have: faith, success, joy, abundance, health, love, security, truth and wisdom. Also, we have for the 'lower' dimension fear, failure, pain, poverty, disease, hatred, lies, stealing and folly.

Transition from one state of the mind to the other is dependent on the quality of decision made which is a function of the most outstanding quality of the mind. For instance, if an individual wants 'travel' from the state of folly to wisdom, then such a transition would have to be made lucid via a made-decision that greatly depends on the rumination over, thought of and illumination on (identities, associated with Meditating Intensively) the state, folly, the individual's residence in terms of benefits, limits and practical potencies. By evaluation, there is a movement (decision) that surmounts challenges or oppositions in reaching the state of wisdom. Eventually, the state of wisdom will voice herself in action! Undoubtedly, this is made possible by the complementing Never Declining quality of the mind.

Chimezie Benedict


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The Most Outstanding Quality Of The Mind

It is amazing how a typical personal computer works: when a particular data or piece of information is inputted, the processor translates the inputted data into a machine readable language and finally delivers it as output through the Visual Display Unit (VDU) or monitor. Similarly, the human mind functions such that when it receives statements (informative creativity), it 'processes' (meditates on) them and 'delivers' them as 'outputs' (services to humanity)
Our modern bridges allow easy accessibility by motorists to cross through what can apparently be seen as 'the inaccessible routes'. In the same vein, the human mind is bridge between existence and its functionality. In other words, it bridges the gap between things man see and their significance. The question 'what is the most outstanding quality of the human mind that makes it function similar to a personal computer system and bridge between existence and its functionality?' comes to focus. The most outstanding quality of the mind is in its spell-outs, that is,




D-Declining. Simply, without you, nothing happens! Certain Thoughts Of The Mind depicts an instance demonstrating the most outstanding quality of the mind.

Certain Thoughts Of The Mind

1) Determination without conception is like reaching a destination without intention

2) In youth, we learn but in age, we learn better things we ought to understand in our youth. What an irony!

3) Concrete opportunities, most times, come as disguises. It takes wisdom applying individuals to comprehend them.

4) The school especially at tertiary level should be seen as a platform or threshold where we can decide what is best for us.

5) If LOVE simply means Letting the Offered Value Exist, what value are you really offering to others around you and yourself?

6) You can eat your cake and still have it but you won't have it the same way you ate it.

7) Perfection is attained when the action of being perfect or making things perfect is demonstrated.

8) Education is the viable means of defining the quality of one's person, given the right psycho-environmental conditions, actualized by the level of submission the individual yields to the process, learning_an aftermath of it.

9) The only physically sacred, most priced and cherished possession of a woman is her virginity. Without this, she is treated like other women, irrespective of status. Consequences? Insecurity and doubt as unveiled by infidelity and continued fornication and adultery. The way out? A thorough and genuine spiritual overhaul.

Chimezie Ihekuna

A Trip To The World Of Mr.Death

Do you know the meaning of the acronym MR.NIGER.D? The alphabets respectively stand for Movement, Respiration, Nutrition, Irritability, Growth, Excretion, Reproduction and Death. They characterize living things. However, the attention is the highest (social) animal, man.

Over the years, science, through immense technological breakthrough, has unequivocally depicted the mentioned characteristics as being typical of humans penultimate death. Why? The all-encompassing source of explanations of science is yet to demystify the mystery of death.

We will however take a concise trip to the world known as death. In other words, a ‘snapshot' would be taken to give a picture of what death connotes. Death may be ‘snapped at' from two-dimensional perspectives namely the physical (natural) and meta-natural (meta-physical, spiritual) perspectives or viewpoints. They are conviction-dependent.

The natural viewpoint, also known as the physical perspective, refers` to the factors which are associated or causes the ‘cut-off' of man's existence. The factors can be explained by two salient concepts namely At-the instant and rate-determined death. At-the-instant death refers to death that occurs at a physical instant. A typical example is the killing of people using sophisticated weapons such as modern guns. By analysis, the term ‘death' can be seen as the Denial (of) Entities A Thorough Habitation.

On the other hand, rate-determined death simply refers to a time-influenced state which gradually wipes off man's existence. A typical instance is the pandemic effect of the death-threatening HIV on humanity. Therefore, it can be analyzed as Denying Entities A True Habitation.

The meta-physical (meta-natural or spiritual) viewpoint is arguably an extension of the limitation-faced physical viewpoint. Though its efficacy of this dimension is dependent on the conviction or belief of the individual, it is a threshold were different meta-physical or spiritual inclinations can vividly build their doctrinal potency on. In this case, the term ‘death' can be seen as the Divine Entrance (Exit) from All Thoughts (to the) Higher (from the thought-dominated physical world to the world of timeless freedom of thoughts).

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Who Are Your Friends?

'Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.' Undoubtedly, this adage is true and used as criterion to assert man's personality. As a matter of fact, the difference between an individual now and in future is ascertained by the company he or she keeps. What kind of company do you keep?

In our today's world, people make friends for different reasons and anticipate the best from this venture. Some may seek for happiness while others may seek for encouragement, information or intimacy, their friendship motive. Perhaps, people make friends for encouragement, ignoring support, information, ignoring reliability, intimacy, ignoring dedication. The lists are endless! It can be inferred that most peoples of the world are not really experiencing the completeness of friendship simply because they prioritize their 'what they want from the venture' at the expense of others. What is then completeness of friendship? The question can be rephrased as: what is true friendship?

Consider a complete building. A complete building typically comprises of an obviously not-seen foundation, concrete walls, roof tops, beams, pillars, louvers and other essential facilities. Imagine a building without louvers, pillars, roof tops or beams. What do you think will likely occur? The answer to the asked question is analogous to what happens when certain qualities of true friendship are absent. Again, what is true friendship?

Note that when making friends, ensure that the qualities of friendship are salient or exert your 'good' qualities to check or balance any discrepancies observed. True friendship is a foundation which is built on by reliability, intimacy, encouragement, 'noticeability', devotion/dedication, support, happiness and information. The foundation is made profound through the appreciation of stated qualities. Also, it is a vital tool necessary for improved network strategy and developmental plans in organizations.

Chimezie Ihekuna

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Freedom Does Not Exist!
by ben4realla in Politics, March 30, 2011

This may sound unusual to some readers but unfortunately, this is the truth…there is no freedom in the world. Why?

Literally, the word freedom means a state of being Free, loosened, boundless or unbound. In our world, certain interests such as socio-political, cultural and political recognition are seen as statements of freedom in their affairs.On second thought, are they in all ramifications free? If they are, why are eminent restrictions, dominance and other domineering mechanisms observed?

Many nations of the world that claim to be Free are not in reality what they are.They are subjugated economically, politically culturally and socially by subduing external forces.Their sovereignty is made conspicuous through the consent given by their superiors-the external forces. In a way, this accounts for the reasons certain unexplained restrictions and dominance parade themselves as watch dogs in the day-to-day existence of these nations.

Politically, many third world countries are intensely pressured by the ever-ruling presence of their superiors thereby ascertaining their polity and call the shots in the political arena of developing nations.Over the years, political history of third world nations have been attributed to the orchestrations of external forces-their superiors.Interestingly, they are at the fore-front of every critical political situation and will determine in future what should be or not in these countries.This is the reason many policies in the third world nations are held spell-bound

Socially, certain values are being introduced into the world that are unequivocally eaten deep into already-existing values.This has encouraged a form of mental slavery;the mindset that the values practised are subject to what are said to be accepted.Hence, people, regardless of position, cultural background and race, have fallen into this snare of slavery.

What does the Bible say? It states to the New Creation Christian; you were bought with a price. By implication, it is either you are a bond-slave to be used by GOD to fulfill your mandate on earth or become a slave to the world.Even if you see yourself as an Atheist, then you become enslaved in the prison called your mind and in shackles called your reasoning.

Always remember this;the world is a big or mighty prison;you can run but you can’t hide.Nothing is free, even in Freetown!

The Royal Wedding Between Prince William and Kate Middleton; If They Were Only Virgins…

The article explains the true sacredness of any Royal marriage is deeply rooted on the chastity of both couples.Using Prince Williams and Kate Middleton as case study, it makes vivid the conditionality of their being chaste form their growing years to the day of their wedding as yardstick to experience a successful matrimony and avoid a replica of what took place in the lives the Late Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

April 29, 2011 will for years to come linger in the hearts and minds of many as the prestigious and world-celebrated wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William took center stage at the Royal Courts. The greatest wedding, since the matrimony between Prince Charles, Williams’ father and the Late Princess of Wales, Princess Diana in 1981, was marked and celebrated worldwide.

However, marriage is best enjoyed and generally appreciated if the bed is undefiled. The question that should be asked is ‘how many beds have this couple defiled before meeting each other?’ ‘Why the question’, you may ask.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana had an unresolved issue in their marriage-infidelity. As a result of Prince Charles’ attitude of infidelity, Princess Diana took what was said to be a drastic decision, despite several warnings, as a reply to her husband escapades, a move to do the absurd-having an illicit affair with an ‘outsider; an established Egyptian multi-millionaire. Like the natural principle, ‘you reap what you sow’, Princess Diana became a member of secluded Mother Earth, courtesy of the 1996 ghastly motor accident which took her life. Prince Charles’ heir to the thrown feat seems to hang on the balance as his son is considered and given the attention as heir apparent. If Prince Charles and Princess Diana had avoided sexual immorality from the get-go (during their growing years) or seen as celibates, don’t you really think Princess Diana would be dead and Prince Charles will certainly be the heir apparent to succeed Queens Elizabeth (II)?

As an observer, don’t you see this event repeating itself in the latter years of Prince Williams and Duchess Kate Middleton? Has Prince William stopped his unquenched thirst for women? Will he portray his father infidel attitude-engaging in extra-marital affairs? If this ugly event repeat itself, will Kate Middleton be able to uphold fidelity or have her pound of flesh just as Princess Diana did?

Imagine a situation where Kate Middleton and Prince William were celibates or virgins till their wedding day, what do you think about royalty of their matrimony? The sacredness of their matrimony consecration will assert to the world the uniqueness of their royal wedding; an affirmation of continued and mutual faithfulness to each other in years to come, no matter what ensues. Just as the US state of Virginia named after Virgin Queen Elizabeth (I), perhaps, a place will be named Virkatelia, in the name of Virgin Queen Kate Middleton in years to come.

Death of Osama Bin Laden; The Beginning of The Very End or The End of The Very Beginning?

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Death of Osama Bin Laden; The Beginning of The Very End or The End of The Very Beginning?
by ben4realla in Issues, May 13, 2011

This a special dedication to the Us government on how terrorism can be continually tackled to attain world peace.It is a wort reading master piece.

Perhaps, the most laudable achievements of the Obama-led US government is the eventual killing of the world’s recognized terrorist, the Saudi-born Osama Bin Laden-the ‘suspected’ mastermind behind the red-letter day, September 11, 2001 attack. Indeed, it is a tremendous feat attained after a ten-year to capture this ‘terror’

Unequivocally, President Barrack Hussein Obama has taken a giant stride to accomplish what was hitherto seen as a wild goose chase and white elephant project –the complete silencing of Osama Bin Laden and his network, the Al-Qaeda force. However, does the death of Osama Bin Laden signal the beginning of the end or the end of terrorism?

Let us don’s forget that as many are celebrating his demise, there are also people who are expressing grief, excruciations and other obnoxious reactions over the abrupt departure to the great beyond of their brother, father and leader. What a picture of contradiction! What should evenly create a sigh of relief to world is ironically expressed in two entirely contradicting pictures!

Terrorism is a thought-manufactured phenomenon, a comprehensively demonstrated act of strategizing, using armed impetus, to execute, with the aim of dehumanizing mankind.

In a way, Osama Bin Laden, prior to his death, must have brain-washed the minds of his followers into believing the act of terrorism mis a fulfilling pay-back of the wrongs on them by the western world. Hence, the reason for the multifarious terrorist attacks in different (‘western’) countries of the world. Like a viral and cancerous spread, the mentality is propagated in the lives of growing children and young adults by his followers and co-horts. Regrettably, this philosophy had attracted many loyalists and supporters, and in the making, constituted a population of terrorism-at-home individuals who will stop at nothing to have their pound of flesh over ‘certain wrongs’ the westerners have inflicted on them; a reflection of what is being imparted in them.

What should be of paramount concern to the US government is the dynamics of immense influence of the act of terrorism in the lives of innocent children, growing youths and young adults. In other words, orchestrating concrete ideas to counter and curb the on-going menace-causing and obnoxious doctrines of terrorism to ensure the much clamoured ‘world peace’ should be the concern of the Obama-led US government.

Power Shift of Over-stayed Rulership in Africa; Lessons Learnt

This article succinctly discusses the adverse effects over-stayed longevity of service most African leaders have unequivocally constituted, militating against sustainable developments and engendering imbalances from the social, cultural, political and economic perspectives. Without an iota of doubt, it is a worth considering classic which will be useful to many African leaders and politicians.

Over the years, the issue of long-term rulership by prominent political leaders in Africa has been a household name in the psyche of every Tom, Dick and Harry whose domicile is under the convince of the continent, Africa. Obviously, this is an undoubted fact.

For instance, former Togolese President, Enyadema, Gabonese Omar Bongo, the then Zaire’s Mobutu, Uganda’s Idi-Ami, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, Libya’s Gaddafi, Ivorian Laurent Gbagbo, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and many others are unequivocally household names whose over-stayed years of continued leadership leaves much to be desired. Why?

It is undeniably vivid that the psychology many Africans, especially those in the political arena is spelt out as intentional gimmicks disguised as asserted manifestos to deceive or ’buy’ the conscience of their subjects into believing the picture they paint of themselves. However, attaining success via ingenuinely playing schemes or manipulating the masses to canvass for support towards being elected into office is tantamount to inflicting more corruption into the polity of nations they politicize. Some other leaders get their way into office through strategized coup plots or overthrow of a prior government. For instance, Ugandan’s Idi-Ami and Libya’s Gaddafi became leaders by orchestrating Military coup plots.

Misappropriation of funds, looting, poverty, increased unemployment rate, escalated inflation rates, bribe, gruesome massacre, homicide, genocide, inadequate provision of basic amenities and created social, economic and political set backs become clear eventualities of their psyche, demonstrated as unfair approach mechanisms to handling pertinent issues of national interest. Their over-stayed longevity of political leadership has engendered the cancerous spread of socio-ethnic, political economic and religious cankerworms; continually denying many African constituents a space of advancement.

Many African countries are said to be under-developed because littered adversities-negating and detrimental thoughts and actions of different discrepancies on the streets of various political locations of Africa results from the over-stayed presence of power-thirsty and desperate-to-clinch power individuals.

Alas, this category of African leaders have failed to come to terms that their subjects are not as oblivious as thought in the light of complete exercise of their rights. Their citizens, on raising eyebrows on certain political irregularities their leaders are involved in, revolt; causing pandemonium in their nations or raise protests; obstructing and exposing the can of worms of hidden unfairness their leaders exhibit. Denying competent, younger, dynamic, vibrant and well-meaning individuals who are interested in moving their countries forward give the masses sufficient impetus to cause obstruction to government and engender conflicts in their nations.

Many African leaders, by virtue of action, have misconstrued the task associated with leadership. In practical terms, contrary to the notion realistically upheld by them, political leadership is an organized servant-leader identity which recognizes the continued servant hood or service toward the betterment and development of nationhood via using policies that are people-friendly, create impact, beneficial to all and sundry, irrespective of status and not for self-aggrandizement.

Therefore, it is suggested that African leaders, after spending stipulated terms in office, peacefully vacate the position of occupancy, handover to those who are deserving of this height, with dignity (basking in the euphoria of nationhood service well attained and continuity-enabled) rather than facing disgrace-resulting stepping down or impeachment moves; a statement of heightened political immaturity with ruins of irreconcilable differences.

Home » Music Making » Fame or Faithfulness; Which Should be Prioritized? Fame or Faithfulness; Which Should be Prioritized?

This write up discusses the advantages and disadvantages associated in prioritizing fame over faithfulness or faithfulness over fame. It asserts that there are two unequal parallels in that a balance cannot be struck.Hence, the onus is on the individual to state the one that should be given priority at the expense of the other.

Fame and faithfulness are virtues mankind appreciate. As a matter of fact, most peoples of the world would desire they have both virtues and more importantly, strike an even balance between them. However, this feat is practically impossible as the terms ‘fame’ and ‘faithfulness’ are described as ‘two unequal parallels’. The big question is ‘should faithfulness be prioritized over fame or should fame be prioritized over faithfulness?’

Of course, fame exposes people to the world. Many celebrities become influential world figures, courtesy of fame. No doubt, fame brings to the spotlight an array of ‘diligent’ individuals who wish to be famous and favours such as financial favours, contract-based offers form leading firms from every nook and canny of the world, admiration by people, all kinds of glamour, built reputation, audience, followership and other recognized attachments are drawn to them. On the other hand, faithfulness apparently keeps people away from the corridors of worldwide recognition. Moreover, it is a virtue that seem to keep people in the dark and make them become spectators ton those who make the news.

Nonetheless, being in the spotlight blindfolds people from certain facts. Many individuals who became famous would initially have the rationale of having more time to themselves, exercise freedom and privacy only to realize the reverse becomes the case. No wonder a cynic once remarked; ‘a celebrity is a displayed or showcased public property whose longevity of service is dependent on the level of concurrence and appreciation who are interested. Many celebrities have no privacy at all; most times, they are always moving from place to place without necessarily creating time to cool off. Many of them fall victims of drug addiction, alcoholism, drug peddling and trafficking and other forms of moral decadence, no thanks to the absence of faithfulness. In fact, many celebrity marriages hit the rocks because of the very absence of faithfulness. On the other hand, people, whose falls under the watchful eyes of faithfulness have a completely different story to tell. This security precludes them form the servitude of drug and alcohol addiction, drug trafficking and sustains their marriages. More importantly, faithful people are interestingly the bedrock of the famous; they contrite immensely, though behind the scene of the news making or at the background, towards the steady rise to fame of those who are poised to accomplish this feat. John Wesley, founder of the great Methodist Church Movement, was very famous during his day courtesy of the steady moral upbringing and unwavering support of his mother.

Making a Life Versus Making a living

This article is dedicated to those who are career-seeking and ambitious.It is a worth reading and considered masterpiece.

The subject matter concerns those who are career-seeking and ambitious. It is a topic that looks into the intricacies of making a living as against making a life in succinctly; in terms of their differences, advantages and consequences.

Making a life involves the use of one’s potentials as foundation of a life-long success and legacy, sacrificially letting go other cut-corner activities, believing with the right conviction (indefatigably with the strength of insurmountable determination) the realities of what is or are built on. In all, making a life entails patience, persistence, consistency, patience, diligence and determination and other sacrifices as yardsticks to ensuring a life-long edification of one’s ambition. For instance, it took Henry Ford determination, a great deal of courage and other sacrifices to ensure a for-all-ages-stay of Ford Motors.

Making a living is synonymous with earning a living. It is basically a day-to-day sustenance of income and generation of money. Working in banks, business enterprises and other establishment for salary earning, stipends, wages and other incentives are examples of making a living. Interestingly, earning a living is short-lived as it involves day-to-day sustenance.

Making a living and Making a life are choice-dependent. Do you want to make a living or make a life? It’s up to you to decide!

The Code-13 Principle

Presently known as ‘Postulation of the sex arithmetic; a novel piece’, it is a novel classic that worth immense consideration in the 21st century. It is the advent of a world-changing phenomenon which will become a household name and a forte for sexuality. Whence accepted, this name or subject matter will not only be a literary masterpiece but an every-day reality.

The code-13 Principle is a term or recognition which takes to account the number of times individuals, irrespective of gender, had engaged in sexual intercourse before marriage. This statement is made possible, courtesy of its mechanism known as the computable equation.

The computable equation takes to account the number of times individuals had engaged in sexual intercourse before getting married to their eventual spouses; from the first -sex experience to the point where concerned individuals call it quits with singlehood and embrace marriage. Taking to cognizance the first-sex experience number as constant (value of 1), validity of the computable equation depends on the individual’s sincerity to keep records of his or her sex activities and partly dependent on number of sexual relations engaged, it uses as case study a particular individual (A, say,) to state its uniqueness.

The equation has 13 mathematical interpretations which give the two major sex lives of individuals-simple and complex sex lives. There are also varying degrees of simplicity and complexity in the equation’s trends. There are signs and expressions used to construe the uniqueness of the all-time algebraic recognition. Hence, the name ‘The Code-13 Principle’. Here, based on logic and impression (writer’s judgment), certain labels are associated with those whose sex lives fall on the thirteen interpretations. There is an analysis and derivation or proof that asserts the verity of the equation under the watchful eyes of time and space.

The novel piece can be applied to three major social sciences; psychology, sexology and sociology. By extrapolation, it will go a long way in face-lifting criminology. With necessary modifications or attachments, individidual criminal tendencies by means of sexual behavior can be ascertained using the Code-13 principle

The Idea-Knowledge Relationship; The Vector approach

This is aimed at giving an analogous relationship exist between ideas and knowledge using the application of vector analysis.This is worth reading and considering…

T hey say ‘ideas rule the world’. In a way, ideas are forces that dominate all facets of world accomplishments. As a matter of fact, the physical world, being a dynamic three-dimensional face, is what it is because of the actions of ideas. In the first place, what are ideas?

In a creative sense, ideas are Informative (In-depth) Derivations Envisaged (by) Aspirations (via) Statements or

I-Informative (In-depth)


E-Envisaged (by)

A-Aspirations (via)


Ideas are information-based interests which are really in-depth in origin and intended to be tried or put to practice theoretically or practically in order to effect a change.

We will approach the idea-knowledge relationship from an analogous scientific angle-the vector approach. Here, we represent ideas as forces. It is a known fact that the earth is (physically) three dimensional. Therefore, we will theoretically resolve these ‘forces’ in three dimensional axes, analogous to the resolution of vector forces in three dimensions (in a typical vector analysis).Note that the reason ideas represent forces is that forces are directional (vectors; having magnitude and direction) and ideas are akin forces which exert themselves on concerned ‘objects’ towards a direction of change.

When ideas are resolved into the three-dimensional earth plane, then they produce a resultant known as knowledge. In other words, when they are resolved in a 3-D pattern they become


N-Noted (and)





D-Development (and)



It can be asserted that the resolution of ideas locates Empowerment, Development and General Ethics which are form the only core parts of knowledge in consonance with the discerned three-dimensional plane of the earth. In summary, the resolution of ideas results in identification of knowledge-power-an outcome of action of forces of ideas through a distance of action in relation to time.