Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Trip To The World Of Mr.Death

Do you know the meaning of the acronym MR.NIGER.D? The alphabets respectively stand for Movement, Respiration, Nutrition, Irritability, Growth, Excretion, Reproduction and Death. They characterize living things. However, the attention is the highest (social) animal, man.

Over the years, science, through immense technological breakthrough, has unequivocally depicted the mentioned characteristics as being typical of humans penultimate death. Why? The all-encompassing source of explanations of science is yet to demystify the mystery of death.

We will however take a concise trip to the world known as death. In other words, a ‘snapshot' would be taken to give a picture of what death connotes. Death may be ‘snapped at' from two-dimensional perspectives namely the physical (natural) and meta-natural (meta-physical, spiritual) perspectives or viewpoints. They are conviction-dependent.

The natural viewpoint, also known as the physical perspective, refers` to the factors which are associated or causes the ‘cut-off' of man's existence. The factors can be explained by two salient concepts namely At-the instant and rate-determined death. At-the-instant death refers to death that occurs at a physical instant. A typical example is the killing of people using sophisticated weapons such as modern guns. By analysis, the term ‘death' can be seen as the Denial (of) Entities A Thorough Habitation.

On the other hand, rate-determined death simply refers to a time-influenced state which gradually wipes off man's existence. A typical instance is the pandemic effect of the death-threatening HIV on humanity. Therefore, it can be analyzed as Denying Entities A True Habitation.

The meta-physical (meta-natural or spiritual) viewpoint is arguably an extension of the limitation-faced physical viewpoint. Though its efficacy of this dimension is dependent on the conviction or belief of the individual, it is a threshold were different meta-physical or spiritual inclinations can vividly build their doctrinal potency on. In this case, the term ‘death' can be seen as the Divine Entrance (Exit) from All Thoughts (to the) Higher (from the thought-dominated physical world to the world of timeless freedom of thoughts).

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