Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae
Personal Information
Name(s): Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict
Pen Name(s): Mr. Ben, Chimes, Chimpo
Date of Birth: 12th of July, 1984
Sex: Male
Status: Single
Country of Origin: Nigeria

Educational Background (Qualifications)
Primary School Leaving Certificate (1995)
Junior Secondary School Leaving Certificate (1998)
Senior Secondary School Certificate (2001/2002)
Standard Associated Examining Board Certificate (Advanced Level) (2003, 2004)
Some university education in Science and Laboratory Technology and Mechanical Engineering (2003-2004 and 2006-2009 respectively)
Foundation (Pre-science programme) Course 2004/2005

Schools Attended
Yewande Memorial School (1989-1994)
Ansar-Ud Deen Primary School (1994/1995)
Ansar-Ud Deen High School (1995, briefly)
Ogunlade College (1995-2001)
Federal University of Technology, Owerri (2003-2004)
University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (2006-2009)

Writing Experience
Years of creative writing (since 2006)
Major contestant at the Totally Twisted Creative Writing Competition (2011)
Major Contestant at the Bound Off Writing competition-current
Currently contesting for the and competition
Other writing competitions for merging writers and aspiring authors (2010, 2011)

1) Come To Think Of It, Sex!
2) Sexually, Are You Worth Being Faithful To?
3) Who Are Your Friends?
4) Who is Man?
5) Housewifery…giving the role of home-makers a professional and an academic touch
6) Postulation of the sex arithmetic and the way forward
7) 11 Major deceptions you must guard yourself against…
8) What must be considered for a successful marriage
9) Seven irrefutable facts associated with business success
10) Seven wrong acts associated with Christians
11) Why we no longer read books
12) What should we crave for in life?
13) What you do not know about your man, What you do not know about your woman
14) My kind of man and My kind of woman
15) The most outstanding quality of the mind
16) A trip to the world of Mr. Death
17) Stories of life significance…compiled selection of bestselling stories
18) An Overview of Engi(o)sophy…a phase of true modernization
19) The Inspiration-Driven Ideological Discoveries-the general public perspective
20) The Inspiration-Driven Ideological Discoveries-the educational/academic perspective
21) The Inspiration-Driven Ideological Discoveries-its practical approach
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Writing Associations
Member of the
Member of the International Association of Aspiring Authors (IAAA)
Member of,

Jessica Kennedy Williams-Founder and Ex-president of the International Association of Aspiring Authors

Richard Osakwe-CEO, Savistar Holdings Nigeria Limited

To bring humanity to a stance of practical (revelational understanding) of appreciating the entirety of its existence by recognizing subtle, demystified and easy-to-relate-with philosophies(the true light of mankind) that transcend ‘threshold’ notions about living using the mechanism of creative writing.

Playing and watching football, listening to quality musical genres, talking sensibly, reading and writing, traveling, communicating, watching epic, classical, and action-packed modern movies

Contact Information
E-mail Addresses:

Mailing or Postal Address: 19, Onadeko Street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
Social Media Contacts or Addresses: Chimezie Benedict,,,

Phone: +2348062162220