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Freedom Does Not Exist!
by ben4realla in Politics, March 30, 2011

This may sound unusual to some readers but unfortunately, this is the truth…there is no freedom in the world. Why?

Literally, the word freedom means a state of being Free, loosened, boundless or unbound. In our world, certain interests such as socio-political, cultural and political recognition are seen as statements of freedom in their affairs.On second thought, are they in all ramifications free? If they are, why are eminent restrictions, dominance and other domineering mechanisms observed?

Many nations of the world that claim to be Free are not in reality what they are.They are subjugated economically, politically culturally and socially by subduing external forces.Their sovereignty is made conspicuous through the consent given by their superiors-the external forces. In a way, this accounts for the reasons certain unexplained restrictions and dominance parade themselves as watch dogs in the day-to-day existence of these nations.

Politically, many third world countries are intensely pressured by the ever-ruling presence of their superiors thereby ascertaining their polity and call the shots in the political arena of developing nations.Over the years, political history of third world nations have been attributed to the orchestrations of external forces-their superiors.Interestingly, they are at the fore-front of every critical political situation and will determine in future what should be or not in these countries.This is the reason many policies in the third world nations are held spell-bound

Socially, certain values are being introduced into the world that are unequivocally eaten deep into already-existing values.This has encouraged a form of mental slavery;the mindset that the values practised are subject to what are said to be accepted.Hence, people, regardless of position, cultural background and race, have fallen into this snare of slavery.

What does the Bible say? It states to the New Creation Christian; you were bought with a price. By implication, it is either you are a bond-slave to be used by GOD to fulfill your mandate on earth or become a slave to the world.Even if you see yourself as an Atheist, then you become enslaved in the prison called your mind and in shackles called your reasoning.

Always remember this;the world is a big or mighty prison;you can run but you can’t hide.Nothing is free, even in Freetown!

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