Monday, July 4, 2011

Power Shift of Over-stayed Rulership in Africa; Lessons Learnt

This article succinctly discusses the adverse effects over-stayed longevity of service most African leaders have unequivocally constituted, militating against sustainable developments and engendering imbalances from the social, cultural, political and economic perspectives. Without an iota of doubt, it is a worth considering classic which will be useful to many African leaders and politicians.

Over the years, the issue of long-term rulership by prominent political leaders in Africa has been a household name in the psyche of every Tom, Dick and Harry whose domicile is under the convince of the continent, Africa. Obviously, this is an undoubted fact.

For instance, former Togolese President, Enyadema, Gabonese Omar Bongo, the then Zaire’s Mobutu, Uganda’s Idi-Ami, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, Libya’s Gaddafi, Ivorian Laurent Gbagbo, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and many others are unequivocally household names whose over-stayed years of continued leadership leaves much to be desired. Why?

It is undeniably vivid that the psychology many Africans, especially those in the political arena is spelt out as intentional gimmicks disguised as asserted manifestos to deceive or ’buy’ the conscience of their subjects into believing the picture they paint of themselves. However, attaining success via ingenuinely playing schemes or manipulating the masses to canvass for support towards being elected into office is tantamount to inflicting more corruption into the polity of nations they politicize. Some other leaders get their way into office through strategized coup plots or overthrow of a prior government. For instance, Ugandan’s Idi-Ami and Libya’s Gaddafi became leaders by orchestrating Military coup plots.

Misappropriation of funds, looting, poverty, increased unemployment rate, escalated inflation rates, bribe, gruesome massacre, homicide, genocide, inadequate provision of basic amenities and created social, economic and political set backs become clear eventualities of their psyche, demonstrated as unfair approach mechanisms to handling pertinent issues of national interest. Their over-stayed longevity of political leadership has engendered the cancerous spread of socio-ethnic, political economic and religious cankerworms; continually denying many African constituents a space of advancement.

Many African countries are said to be under-developed because littered adversities-negating and detrimental thoughts and actions of different discrepancies on the streets of various political locations of Africa results from the over-stayed presence of power-thirsty and desperate-to-clinch power individuals.

Alas, this category of African leaders have failed to come to terms that their subjects are not as oblivious as thought in the light of complete exercise of their rights. Their citizens, on raising eyebrows on certain political irregularities their leaders are involved in, revolt; causing pandemonium in their nations or raise protests; obstructing and exposing the can of worms of hidden unfairness their leaders exhibit. Denying competent, younger, dynamic, vibrant and well-meaning individuals who are interested in moving their countries forward give the masses sufficient impetus to cause obstruction to government and engender conflicts in their nations.

Many African leaders, by virtue of action, have misconstrued the task associated with leadership. In practical terms, contrary to the notion realistically upheld by them, political leadership is an organized servant-leader identity which recognizes the continued servant hood or service toward the betterment and development of nationhood via using policies that are people-friendly, create impact, beneficial to all and sundry, irrespective of status and not for self-aggrandizement.

Therefore, it is suggested that African leaders, after spending stipulated terms in office, peacefully vacate the position of occupancy, handover to those who are deserving of this height, with dignity (basking in the euphoria of nationhood service well attained and continuity-enabled) rather than facing disgrace-resulting stepping down or impeachment moves; a statement of heightened political immaturity with ruins of irreconcilable differences.

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