Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Most Outstanding Quality Of The Mind

It is amazing how a typical personal computer works: when a particular data or piece of information is inputted, the processor translates the inputted data into a machine readable language and finally delivers it as output through the Visual Display Unit (VDU) or monitor. Similarly, the human mind functions such that when it receives statements (informative creativity), it 'processes' (meditates on) them and 'delivers' them as 'outputs' (services to humanity)
Our modern bridges allow easy accessibility by motorists to cross through what can apparently be seen as 'the inaccessible routes'. In the same vein, the human mind is bridge between existence and its functionality. In other words, it bridges the gap between things man see and their significance. The question 'what is the most outstanding quality of the human mind that makes it function similar to a personal computer system and bridge between existence and its functionality?' comes to focus. The most outstanding quality of the mind is in its spell-outs, that is,




D-Declining. Simply, without you, nothing happens! Certain Thoughts Of The Mind depicts an instance demonstrating the most outstanding quality of the mind.

Certain Thoughts Of The Mind

1) Determination without conception is like reaching a destination without intention

2) In youth, we learn but in age, we learn better things we ought to understand in our youth. What an irony!

3) Concrete opportunities, most times, come as disguises. It takes wisdom applying individuals to comprehend them.

4) The school especially at tertiary level should be seen as a platform or threshold where we can decide what is best for us.

5) If LOVE simply means Letting the Offered Value Exist, what value are you really offering to others around you and yourself?

6) You can eat your cake and still have it but you won't have it the same way you ate it.

7) Perfection is attained when the action of being perfect or making things perfect is demonstrated.

8) Education is the viable means of defining the quality of one's person, given the right psycho-environmental conditions, actualized by the level of submission the individual yields to the process, learning_an aftermath of it.

9) The only physically sacred, most priced and cherished possession of a woman is her virginity. Without this, she is treated like other women, irrespective of status. Consequences? Insecurity and doubt as unveiled by infidelity and continued fornication and adultery. The way out? A thorough and genuine spiritual overhaul.

Chimezie Ihekuna

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