Monday, July 4, 2011

Making a Life Versus Making a living

This article is dedicated to those who are career-seeking and ambitious.It is a worth reading and considered masterpiece.

The subject matter concerns those who are career-seeking and ambitious. It is a topic that looks into the intricacies of making a living as against making a life in succinctly; in terms of their differences, advantages and consequences.

Making a life involves the use of one’s potentials as foundation of a life-long success and legacy, sacrificially letting go other cut-corner activities, believing with the right conviction (indefatigably with the strength of insurmountable determination) the realities of what is or are built on. In all, making a life entails patience, persistence, consistency, patience, diligence and determination and other sacrifices as yardsticks to ensuring a life-long edification of one’s ambition. For instance, it took Henry Ford determination, a great deal of courage and other sacrifices to ensure a for-all-ages-stay of Ford Motors.

Making a living is synonymous with earning a living. It is basically a day-to-day sustenance of income and generation of money. Working in banks, business enterprises and other establishment for salary earning, stipends, wages and other incentives are examples of making a living. Interestingly, earning a living is short-lived as it involves day-to-day sustenance.

Making a living and Making a life are choice-dependent. Do you want to make a living or make a life? It’s up to you to decide!

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