Monday, July 4, 2011

The Code-13 Principle

Presently known as ‘Postulation of the sex arithmetic; a novel piece’, it is a novel classic that worth immense consideration in the 21st century. It is the advent of a world-changing phenomenon which will become a household name and a forte for sexuality. Whence accepted, this name or subject matter will not only be a literary masterpiece but an every-day reality.

The code-13 Principle is a term or recognition which takes to account the number of times individuals, irrespective of gender, had engaged in sexual intercourse before marriage. This statement is made possible, courtesy of its mechanism known as the computable equation.

The computable equation takes to account the number of times individuals had engaged in sexual intercourse before getting married to their eventual spouses; from the first -sex experience to the point where concerned individuals call it quits with singlehood and embrace marriage. Taking to cognizance the first-sex experience number as constant (value of 1), validity of the computable equation depends on the individual’s sincerity to keep records of his or her sex activities and partly dependent on number of sexual relations engaged, it uses as case study a particular individual (A, say,) to state its uniqueness.

The equation has 13 mathematical interpretations which give the two major sex lives of individuals-simple and complex sex lives. There are also varying degrees of simplicity and complexity in the equation’s trends. There are signs and expressions used to construe the uniqueness of the all-time algebraic recognition. Hence, the name ‘The Code-13 Principle’. Here, based on logic and impression (writer’s judgment), certain labels are associated with those whose sex lives fall on the thirteen interpretations. There is an analysis and derivation or proof that asserts the verity of the equation under the watchful eyes of time and space.

The novel piece can be applied to three major social sciences; psychology, sexology and sociology. By extrapolation, it will go a long way in face-lifting criminology. With necessary modifications or attachments, individidual criminal tendencies by means of sexual behavior can be ascertained using the Code-13 principle

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