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n our today's world, there are certain statements we hear either from the mass media, our peers or other sources which have undoubtedly formed part and parcel of our mindset. As a matter of fact, information we listen to have over the years unequivocally eaten deep form the root of our growing years of childhood and youth to the stable period of adulthood. Consequently, these statements are saliently expressed and understood words of deception which have affected our dealings with people. Therefore, the need to ‘guard' ourselves form deceptions is at this point necessary. ‘What are the deceptions?' A question you may want to ask.

Our case study is centered on deceptions that have to do with social interactions involving people. In other words, relationships existing between and or amongst individuals (of opposite sex) and married couples have unarguably been hijacked by the device known as deception thereby truncating the meant-to-be marital bliss and true intimacy that exist. Hence, there are fact_based records of demise in relationships amongst individuals (celebrities inclusive), broken homes, estranged and divorce cases amongst married couples.

At this juncture, it is essential we recognize eleven major deceptions that must prevented to ensure an enduring, a beneficial and blissful relationship. Precisely, we must ‘sieve' the information we receive as means of safeguarding ourselves from the clutches of deception. The deceptions are listed below;

Deception 1: It is no big deal losing your virginity

Deception2: It is good to feel the ‘sweetness' of sex action by engaging different partners into it.

Deception3: The bad girls ‘get' or end up marrying the good guys (vice versa)

Deception4: He or She has a sexually not-good past but will change, though is still in the habit of flirting

Deception 5: As men, it is normal to give into sexual advances from women, whether married or not.

Deception 6: When there is money, it will be safe to get married

Deception 7: Divorce is normal

Deception 8: Love is blind

Deception 9: As a married man or woman, I can still keep an intimate company of bachelor or spinster friends.

Deception 10: Till the right man or woman comes will I become sexually faithful.

Deception 11: Things will change only if I am married.

In a nutshell, to experience a healthy relationship with your spouse, whether married or not, it is paramount you guard yourselves from these blindfolds known as deceptions.

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict


About the book
n our world today, infidelity, acquisition of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies,divorce, demise or break ups, separation or estranged situations, insecurity and doubt and many others have unequivocally plagued relationships and marriages existing amongst individuals_celebrities inclusive.The prominence of these ills is due to the psychological acceptance of certain blindfolds known as deceptions.

The classic, titled 11 Major Deceptions You Must Guard Yourself Against… sheds light on the negative effects of eleven major deceptions as they affect the unions of individuals with their spouses,in relationships and marriages, using a "let us face it" approach by sighting true life stories and situations.Also,it gives lasting solutions to those seeking for the recuperation of their relationships and marriages, though dependent on choice.

It is aimed at specifically ensuring that healthy, blissful and enduring relationships and marriages are maintained, amidst the apparent cancerous spread of these ills.

Moreover,to growing youths, especially teenage men and women, who are currently not involved in serious relationships or married but aspire to be in a union with their spouses in future, this ageless masterpiece educates them on the inevitable truths associated with successful and healthy relationships leading to marriage by "preaching" to them their relevance:the right start to kick against the eminence of thriving blindfolds or deceptions.

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