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Come To Think Of It, Sex!


There are different views by people on the issue of sex.However, we will be considering sexual intercourse. To the male folk, sex is arguably seen as a means of reducing tension. It asserts the qualities of sex as the true appropriation of sex and should best appreciated at the discerned time_marriage.With somewhat funny sense of creativity, it contains didactic statements which are worth listening enabling sex performers to exercise the c-caution ideology.

The true qualities of sex are gotten from the its spell outs, S, E and X. The term SEX can be analyzed as:



X-Xperience(Experience), where ‘x' has the same pronunciation as ‘Ex'.Therefore, the term ‘sex' has three major qualities namely


2) Eroticism

3) Experience

Simplicity: This refers to the ‘actions' of the God-given tools present in the male and female, that is, the PENIS and VAGINA respectively. Obviously, sexuality is one of the essential qualities of a man. Therefore, the ‘simplified indicator' a man uses to simply demonstrate his Male Acted Name is his reproductive PENIS.Creatively, the PENIS can be analyzed as the


E-Erection (Extension)


I-Instrumental (for)

S-Sex.On the other hand, it takes the consent of the Worth Of A Man's Worth, the woman for sexual intercourse to be complete. Similarly, the ‘device' she uses is her VAGINA. Therefore, the VAGINA can be creatively seen as the


A-Area, (the)





Eroticism; Sex is erotic in nature. Eroticism is the factor responsible for the ‘actions' of the instrumental-for-sex male and female devices. Simply, it is the factor responsible for the simplicity nature of sex.The term EROTIC can be analyzed as the Erogenous Reaction Observed Through Individual Chemistry. Precisely, it is a force that causes the dynamic action of the male and female ‘tools'. Also, EROTICISM can creatively be seen as the Erogenous Reaction Observed Through Individual Chemistry, (the) Initiated Sex Motion.

Experience: This is product that results after the ‘coming together' of Simplicity and Eroticism. There are two kinds of experiences that reflect the inclinations of people towards sex.They are So Exciting Experience and Simply Exciting Experience. The former has to do with sexual freedom: seeking for sexual gratification by involving different people to the act at different times and spaces while the latter involves a limiting the number of partners engaged. Better yet, people whose sexual inclination reflects on the kind of experience exercise faithfulness instead of promiscuity and are less likely to contract diseases, feel insecure and doubtful and will have a better sense of sexual judgment.

Therefore, it is advisable to appreciate sex at the discerned time, marriage by adopting the habit chastity, though it involves hard work on your part. But considering the long-term benefits, it certainly worth the effort.

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict


Postulation of the sex arithmetic and the way forward

First and foremost, we consider the phrase ‘postulation of the sex arithmetic'. This is a postulation which is intended to be a theory. Basically, it is a ‘computable' equation which explains or depicts s generally the number of times individuals, irrespective of gender have engaged in sexual intercourse before marriage. Precisely, the ‘computable' equation has 13 interpretations which represent the sex lives of different individuals

At this juncture, the proof authenticating the potency of the intended theory will have to be shown. In this case, we take as case study Individual A. The validity of this equation is dependent on the following statements

1) It can be numerically determined if individual A can keep a sincere up-to-date record of his or her sexual activities.

2) It is dependent on sex-influenced relationships engaged.

3) The first-time sex experience is constant, that is, it has a constant value of 1. Note: ‘sex' refers to the direct physical relation between a man and woman

The ‘computable' equation which is a representation of the total number of times individual A(N) had engaged is: ,

N=No±N1±N2±N3±N4, where No represents the first_time sex experience had (with partner a, say), N1 represents the sex relations individual A had engaged in his or her subsequent relationships (with partners b, c,d, e , f… ), N3 represents the possible one-night stand/for-the-moment sex situations (with partners m, n, o, p…) and N4 represents the number of times individual A had engaged in sex with his or her would-be marital partner before marriage.

The interpretations are given as the following

1) N=No+N1+N2+N3+N4

2) N=No+N1+N2+N3

3) N=No+N1+N2

4) N=No+N1+N4

5) N=No+N2+N4

6) N=No+N3+N4

7) N=No+N1+N3

8) N=No+N2+N3

9) N=No+N1

10) N=No+N2

11) N=No+N3

12) N=No+N4

13) N=No

Secondly, ‘the way forward' refers to the consequences_ the varying degree of insecurity and doubt as unveiled by infidelity, chances of contracting diseases and others before and after marriage, proportional to the number of partners engaged. Obviously, it explains the ‘way outs' as abstinence, faithfulness and health caution as remedies to the various ‘entanglements', the interpreted sex lives

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict



About the book

Do you really want to know the true meaning of the word S-E-X? Are you ready to get yourself re-orientated about the dynamics of sex? Do you really want to know the science and art of sex? Have you ever pondered on the right appropriation of sex? To you, what is sex?
The book titled Come To Think Of It, Sex! Is a driven_ by_ inspiration interest which focuses on the true qualities of sex as the basis for its definition. It is pleasure _ filled, somewhat funny but posses didactic remarks on the appropriation of sex. It is a mini-sized book that has in its identity creatively designed chapters that give the reader not only a sense of appreciation but the urge to 'thirst' for more. The chapters in this book are designed such that they complemented each other. Its recognition is a 'pave-way' for the already-written-but-unpublished 'Postulation of the sex arithmetic and the way forward' which puts forward an intended theory, a 'computable' equation on the number of times individuals had engaged in sex before marriage and what likely happens to them thereafter.

It is a must-have, must-read and must-keep ageless guide which will be essentially useful to young adults. married people and growing teenagers(18 years of age, at least).Therefore,if you are 18 and above, this book is for you!
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