Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Bengi(o)sophy Initiative... a phase of true modernization

The BEngi (o) sophy Initiative is an author-preneural, education-based and a futuristic state-of-the-art enterprise that brings to the spotlight the advent of an eventual come-to-stay recognition,Engi(o)sophy_a phase of true modernization .

At this point, succinct assertions to establish an easy-to-understand recognition of the all-in-one Engi (o) sophy are undoubtedly essential.

Humans, plants, animals and other existing non-living entities can be found in an entity, the world (earth). Similarly, picture an entity that has all fields of human discipline in it-a world of human endeavours-Engi (o) sophy.

Engi (o) sophy is a come-to-stay interest, translated as ‘creative wisdom’ and ‘continuum of intricacies’. It is aimed at re-defining various endeavours associated with mankind_ a phase of true modernization. Engi (o) sophy unequivocally assert the fact : all fields of human disciplines (recognized and yet to come) have a common source, creative wisdom, akin to God’s divine creative wisdom used in creating the world; an entirety of all recognized entities and the ones to come found in it. Moreover, Engi (o)sophy is the continued improvement or modification of established ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’, concepts, terms, standards and other essentials associated with the various human disciplines.

Precisely, the masterpiece titled AN Overview Of Engi (o) sophy is an umbrella to its three-recognized versions. The versions include the following:
1) The Inspiration-Driven Ideological Discoveries (I-DIDs)- The general public perspective
2) The Inspiration-Driven Ideological Discoveries (I-DIDs)-The academic/educational perspective
3) The Inspiration-Driven Ideological Discoveries (I-DIDs)-The practical perspective
1) The general public perspective: This version of Engi (o) sophy is aimed at re-defining the orientation of the general public (the people), especially the commoner on certain issues such as gender matters, politics, business, self-improvement or help, relationship, friendship and so on thereby positioning humanity on a threshold of appreciating the essence of its existence.
2) The educational/academic perspective: Engi (o) sophy serves an improving aid or upgrading standard to any nation’s education sector, willing to give it a ‘welcome’ embrace.
3) The practical perspective: This is a ‘see-me-through’ of the paper-written Engi (o) sophy. It demonstrates in practical terms to every interested Tom, Dick and Harry the dynamics of Engi(o) sophy.
As earlier mentioned, the BEngi (o) sophy Initiative, under the watchful eyes of its vibrant and dynamic pioneer, Mr. Ben, is a three-faced enterprise-author-preneural, education-based and futuristic state-of-the-art to specially enlighten people, irrespective of background, race, belief and status on its importance.

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