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My Kind Of Man, My Kind Of Woman (Introduction and chapter sample)

The classic is a rare-to-find two-titled work piece that extensively sheds light on criteria many men and women use to ascertain their spouses' fitness for relationships and marriages and vividly identifies their flaws. A second-to-none gem, it goes a long way in affirming the should-be kind of man and/or woman, though based on choice.

My Kind Of Man and My Kind of Woman are a must-read and must-have materials that clearly recognize reasons many marriages fail and relationships decline. Yet, it asserts to interested and women their right kind of spouses.

In this book, readers will get to appreciate the essence of having the right partners for a life-long union or worth-remembering relationship leading marriage. It is a worth considering masterpiece. Irrespective of race, status or culture, it is a sure-bet for successful relationships.

The come-to-stay interest elucidates seven major criteria (each) that constitute reasons many relationships and marriages fail to work out. They are arranged in the following formats:

My Kind Of Woman


Chapter 1: Wealth/Money

Chapter 2: Responsibility/Maturity

Chapter 3: Background

Chapter 4: Appearance and Intellect

Chapter 6: Sexuality

Chapter 7: Defense

Also, for My Kind Of Woman,


Chapter 1: Appearance

Chapter 2: Sexuality

Chapter3: Wealth/Money/Financial independence

Chapter 4: Intellect

Chapter 5: Background

Chapter 6: Behavioral disposition

Chapter 7:Level of handling home affairs (matters)

Readers will certainly come to the realization that though they are worth being termed `criteria', turn-outs of these qualities in many relationships and marriages have not yielded anticipates success stories. Nonetheless, it gives a clear-cut suggestion of who their right spouses should be (with irrefutable reasons)

The concluding part of this timeless relationship and marriage guide has a striking statement, integrating the should-be kind of man and woman.

Every chapter in each title explains the interesting benefits of considering the qualities as criteria for relationships and marriages, explores their weaknesses and asserts the `right things'. What are those `right things'?

Particularly helpful to aspiring (young) Christian brothers and sisters, this classic will undoubtedly help them rightly position them to locate their kind of spouses. Also, those who are seeking for good relationships and marriages will find this work piece interesting and practicable. Moreover, would-be married couples will get to appreciate the essence of this profound work.

My Kind Of Man
Chapter one
When a relationship or marriage is existent without physical wealth, such a union may suffer setbacks. A number of ladies are of the view that marriages seldom hit the rocks due to the absence of wealth. To this end, they believe their man whom they intend getting married to or involving themselves in relationships with must possess wealth. Would you blame them?

Relationships and marriages hit the rocks owing to the absence of money. To some ladies, `money strengthens many relationships and marriages and adds spice to them'. Without money, most relationships and recognized marriages almost amount to nothing!

A woman needs good clothes, accessories and other fashion outfits to look good. To attain these feats, she needs money. Nonetheless, what is most desired is absent. She claims to have a confidant; someone who she's in a deep relationship with. Yet, he hardly can eke a living. To you, what do you think would likely be the aftermath of such union?

The Holy bible, the wisest book in the world tells us that money answers all things. If you doubt this, then read this story:

Vince, a fresh graduate from one of the world's prestigious citadel of higher learning, recently got married to his childhood heartthrob, Lucia. In fact, their wedding ceremony was a talk-of-the-town event as the society's `who is who' came form all nooks and crannies of the country and Diaspora to grace the memorable event. Indeed, as an attendee, it was a red-lettered day to me.

Three years on, their marriage started experiencing `down-turns' as Vince was not leaving up to his responsibility as head of the family. Although his ever-understanding wife, Lucia, a high salary earner, never made complaints of Vince's financial incompetence, it was crystal clear the home was heading the direction of dis-equilibrium; Lucia was responsible for rents, bills and other miscellaneous expenses which ought to be borne on Vince.

It got a point Lucia could not stomach burden encountered in incurring expenses for the day-to-day affairs of the home and simultaneously catering for herself, Vince and her two-month- old baby, Cameron. From a bad-to-worse situation, Vince lost the mantle of being the family head and was subject to Lucia's strange and sudden instructions, since she had become bread winner.

As time progressed, Lucia couldn't afford to unnecessary couldn't afford to foot the home's utility bills and other expenses. She found solace in the abode of a well-to-do business merchant, Bobby. In no time, Bobby stole her heart and this made Lucia, without any remorse, filled for a divorce which she eventually got.

As I write this, Vince, now gainfully employed is in custody of his two-year old Cameron. If Vince was opulent enough to shoulder his responsibilities as the man of the house, do you think Lucia would divorce him?

More often than not, a lot of women assert that the men they would give their hands in marriage to or be in serious relationship with must have the finance to meet up with their demands. In a way, this mindset, perhaps results from the aftermaths of relationships or marriages they've been in or lessons learnt from the lives of their parents when growing years. On the other hand, their male counterparts, knowing this mindset, in order not to loose their `precious pearl' to rivals, go the length of manipulating certain dispositions, all in the name of acquiring wealth or making money using cut-corner methods. They carry out the acts of manipulation, not minding the immediate after-consequences of their actions.

However, a relationship or marriage not based on (true) love but money will unequivocally experience more hard times contrary to the en vogue view of people especially women; over-prioritizing money or wealth as basis of relationship or marriage. To an extent, a number of ladies who venture into relationships or marriages with their souses on grounds of monetary availability end up getting not contended because the engine known as true love is out of the picture and hence, they are robed off happiness and fulfillment. This is one of the reasons you see a lot of women who are married to or in relationship with opulent men more depressed, confused and unfulfilled than they were prior to their current union. They are denied of affection, care, intimacy, attention access to information and other important marital values. Rather, they are subjugated to stringent rules by their spouses who know the union they find themselves is on the basis of money and see their female partners as `bargain beneficiaries'.

An ever-chaste born again Christian sister operates on a different dimensional scale. Over the years, she had prepared herself by acknowledging the bible-based principle of true love as the lasting foundation of a successful marriage and genuine or serious relationship. She unequivocally works with the consciousness that though money answers all things, wisdom is the most principal thing and in acquiring it, she gets understanding which is tantamount to wealth acquisition. Moreover, she ardently follows the biblical assertion: `the love of money is the root of all evil' by prioritizing wisdom; embracing true love instead of money.

Here, the term of `wealth' is synonymous with `money'.

My Kind Of Woman

Chapter One


By nature, men are generally moved by what they see. The masculine gender is wired by sight. Hence, the reason for the criterion, appearance. Men are attracted to their opposite sex by virtue of appearance.

Therefore, do not be surprised when you hear most of them say: `she must be beautiful', `she must have the right curves; perfect shape and in all, have all-complete physique', `she must be vey attractive' and so on. This is the first thing that draws the attention of a man to a woman and becomes a threshold or foundation for further build-ups of an eventual union.

Knowing this natural fact, a number of `wise' women have taken to modern-day fashion trends to portray who they are a shadow of-modest or provocative outlook. Obviously, their appearance becomes a field; pulling or gravitating the desired men to them to their intents.

Afterall, a good-looking woman is the dream of a typical carnal or sense-ruled man. John, 45, has this to say; `I got attracted to my girlfriend, now my wife because of her physique. It did go a long way in strengthening our relationship. In no time, we clicked! And now, we're happily married with two lovely children'.

On the contrary, good appearance has been used as bait by women to engage men whose criterion is reflected on the threshold in a union of obnoxious abyss. A lot of men are really oblivious of the fact that looks are deceiving and not all women who are good looking portray the good-looking image. Stanley, 32, who married Lucinda, 31, made an interesting comment of the outcome: `If you'd told me Lucinda will be a thorn in my flesh someday, be rest assured I'd keep you at armslenght. At prima fascie, I felt deeply in love with her because of her stunning looks. Then, after much deliberation, she responded to my proposal of marriage. We went on a date and all other things kept going well as planned. One thing led to the other and we soon got married. It was after a year we got married I realized the `were-wolf' behaviour of my wife as not only a nag but also an unrepentant parasite. Her stunning looks were blindfolding and I happen to be the unfortunate victim. Now, I'm at the point of no going back in my marriage'.

An ever-chaste born again brother works with the biblical consciousness; `man looks at the appearance but God looks at the heart'. Rather than pay strict attentions to appearance, he's simply focused at intents, a reflection of the mind's quality. Knowing the mind of God, he reciprocates the rendition 'as he is, so we are on earth' in his dealings with his spouse.

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