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To be honest, what do you really know about your woman? What information do you have about her background: her past experiences, her present interests and future plans? Based on what you know, what makes you think you are the right woman for him? In the first place, what attracted him to you?

Generally, in the world we live, there are three basic things that attract people money: (property), sex, religion (spirituality). This is irrespective of gender. In this case, however, our gaze is fixed on the female gender.

First, women arguably get attracted to the world-recognized money in the form of material possession. One of the reasons many ladies get into relationships with men and possibly marry them is material possession, properties owned or for money sake. The question that arises is: When there is financial insolvency, would they hold on to their relationship status"? The answer to this question, unknown to some men, who believe their women truly loves them, has them not exercise a second-thought approach, regarding their ties with their so-called female lovers. Personally, on what ground is your woman involved in a relationship with or married to you-money or material possession? Think about it!

Besides, a factor which attracts young ladies into engaging in relationships with men is the issue of sex. If not truly chaste, it is a likelihood that a lady would have before the time she met her ‘beau', been engaged in several sex-linked relationships with different men. To an extent, she had engaged in failed ‘i-love- you' relationships and been ‘used and dumped' like a disposable syringe by her partners, all in the name of fruitless relationships. To be candid, is your woman sexually worth being faithful to?

Moreover, spirituality is a force that attracts people. As a matter of fact, this factor accounts for the reason a considerable number of women get into relationship and marriage-compatibility, expressed in terms of spiritual dedication. However, though arguable, some women ‘suspiciously' devote themselves to certain commitments in churches, mosques and other religious centers with an innate desire to ‘settle down' with their Mr. Rights. Once attained, they abscond! In all sincerity, what makes you think she is really serious with the recognized spiritual dedication you are involved in? Is she using this tool as bait to get herself ‘hooked' to you?

In a nutshell, the questions asked can be answered by the mentioned forces of attraction. Therefore, it's up to you to act now!

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

About the book
Do you know about her past experiences?How well informed are you about his past? Do you know his present dealings? What about her present condition or state? What do you know about her future plans? What is his stance about the future?

The masterpiece What you do not know about your woman, What you do not know about your woman explains certain facts that keep individual in the dark about their spouses and intends to fully enlighten them on what they should really know about their spouses, using three elements that attract people, irrespective of race, background or socio-political differences-sex, money/property and religion/spirituality

It is a 'not-without' to those who are in serious relationships and are married.
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