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What Must Be Considered For A Successful Marriage

Marriage is a union which ought to be seen as an eternity-on-earth recognition. In other words, marriage is an institution whose longevity is dependent on the days on earth of the parties involved; beginning from the time the nuptial knots is annunciated to their dying day. However, many married people are not leaving up to what it ought to be. Why?

Marriage, the union between a man and woman, becoming husband and wife, is in itself longevity-based which must be built on an eternal foundation for its success to be experienced and enjoyed. On what eternal foundation must marriage be built?

Marital success is measured by its longevity. And people who will and/or experiencing a successful marriage are those who are prepared. It is said: ‘it takes two to tango'. A tango is a dance involving two active dance performers to demonstrate it. Without their active involvement, then the tango dance is a failure. Similarly, this accounts for the reason people does not experience successful marriages. They are not actively performing, unprepared or incompetent to demonstrate what a successful marriage is. Therefore, if you really want to experience a successful marriage, it is advisable for you to find your husband or wife in a number of men or women. If you really think you have found your ‘missing rib' or ‘Mr. Right', then let us lay the foundation of marital success!

It is interesting to reason that some people marry for trivial reasons and as a result, divorce for trivial reasons. They fail to realize it is one thing to get married and it is a different ball game to stay married. Simply, they cannot afford to stay married_ they do not have practical ideas of staying married. Afterall, a well dug and laid foundation will withstand the ‘burdens' of a mansion but a shallow and sandy foundation is not expected to withstand the forces of such an erect structure. The reason many people cannot appreciate in its length and breadth the essence of marriage is that they have trivialized their marital foundation (money, sex, sympathy and other material gains) in anticipation that it would withstand marital challenges instead of figuring out the eternal foundation necessary for a successful marriage.

The root of a successful marriage which marriage-conscious individuals must lay is true love. Primarily, true love is an eternity-on-earth value that makes married couples stay married, no matter what ensues. Simply put, true love is the foundation of a successful marriage. It is translated as the longevity of marriage, that is,

True love translates to longevity of marriage

Longevity in marriage=Longevity in (Trust + Communication)

=Longevity in Trust + Longevity in Communication

Trust is simply the Total Reliance Upon Someonelse's Truths (fidelity, submission, supportiveness, patience, wisdom and so on) and communication is the voiced complement or recognition of trust.

A tentative observation and extrapolation assert: At most, twenty percent of the world's population that are married are experiencing and will experience a successful marriage. On the other hand, at least, eighty percent of the world's population is staying married in the light of anticipated divorce, separation, bitterness, regrets and insecurity and doubt.

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict


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Many people, all around the world are staying married to each other in anticipation of divorce, separation, regrets, bitterness, insecurity and doubts because they fail to realize that it is one thing to get married and it is a different ball game to stay married.

As the saying goes 'it takes two to tango', marriage is an agreement involving the the preparedness of couples, usually man and wife to-be, in embracing its challenges. Alas, it is unequivocally clear that a lot of married people are practically oblivious of this fact

The classic elucidates in detail reasons few people experience marital success while the reverse is the case for the majority of married individuals. It is a must-read masterpiece that explains two factors associated with marital success; trust and communication.
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Domain registration india said...

Really thoughtful and useful article. I learn a lot from yhis post. Thanks for sharing.