Saturday, May 21, 2011

What Should We Crave For In Life?

What is really our purpose on earth? Do we exist as to occupy the earth's eco-system? These questions have unequivocally been asked by all ages and classes of men from the medieval to our present existence. Man, by virtue of applied wisdom, has figured out various tools to commensurate his However, has the tools man devised correctly answered what he craves for? In the first place, what are those tools man has devised?

The belief that money is all there is to living man has made man go extra miles to ensure the most physically communicated language is at their disposal. On a second thought, the unfulfilled state of many men who succeed in getting rich is a statement of the fact that money is obviously not the answer to what we should be craving for. Simply, our purpose on earth is not necessarily to make money. Over the years, there have been records of great achievers who attained enviable financial status but lived life as though it is all there is.

Besides, the unending quest for happiness has made man unnecessarily sacrifices that ought to be his ‘birthrights' for the sake of emotional delight. As a matter of fact, many people around the world really thirst for happiness and are ready to commit themselves to anything that will fetch them happiness. On a contrary, happiness is a temporal condition which is dependent on seen physicalities. The truth is the condition of happiness loses its grip when this issue is raised.

Moreover, the search for earthly knowledge and other ‘compulsory' academic certifications has made man apparently believe that this is his purpose. As a matter of fact, people burn mid-night candles to see they come out in acceptable certificates and subsequently enhance their ‘market' values by acquiring more advanced and professional degrees. Not bad per se, are they what we should truly crave for? We have read of great geniuses and academicians whose accomplishments are on the footprints of contemporary recognition but are in life,' celebrated failures'. Simply, academic or intellectual attainment is not the truth that explains the reason we are here on earth.

Furthermore, man has defined what he craves for by seeking for companionship for different purposes: marriage and relationship. Interestingly, some individuals seek for friendship for the purpose of sexual gratification. However, it is unequivocally the fact that this approach ends in futility as unfulfilment sets in.
People are no doubt engaged in a endless struggle to attain success. The success-craze has made many people go extra miles to realize fortunes in their chosen interests. Subsequently, they only realize that inspite of their success stories; there are still empty spaces yet to be filled in their lives.

In addition, man has figured out the path of soul belonging: a platform where they can practically feel sense of belonging. Some achieve this task by involving themselves in various sects or religions; others involve themselves in occults, all in the name of exercising a sense of belonging. Yet, this approach has obviously not answer the question as to what should really be craved for in life. In fact, more vacuums are left!

Man has inevitably believed that what he should be craving for is power and influence. No doubt, man wants to be domineering and exerts his influence on his environment which he finds himself. In the political world, we hear through the news and sometimes, witness scenarios where individuals go the length to ensure they find themselves at the corridors of power, not minding the adversities their actions will constitute in the life of the commoner. However, after all is done, though they attain want they desire, there is unfulfilment, despite the power and influence they possess.

What should we really crave for in life? This is a question asked by an individual who is interested in the basis of existence on mother earth. A quest for divine wisdom that breathe grace which brings about boundless joy, attracting the right company for marriage and other important interests, all enwrapped in the greatest TRUTH which is the ONLY way to eternal life, engendering the true power man should live on that gives birth to eternal or inner peace we crave for is what should really be of paramount concern to us.


About the book
Trivialities, reflecting themselves as material gains and other transient endeavours are man's figured out ways to assert his existence. As a matter of fact, mankind believes in the efficacies of these interests as bases of his existence and vividly asserts that they worth being craved for.

However, history-documented reports and records have unveiled the not-good and sad end of great men and women who sought for solace in these earthly worth-money, companionship, a sense of soul belonging, power and influence and so on.Without a doubt, it is a certainty that what should really be craved for transcends man's figured out interests.

This work piece reveals what should be carved for to ensure a worth living stay on mother earth.

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